The Ronson Touch Tip Bartender

The Ronson Bartenders are some of the most collectable pieces made by Ronson- prized by Art Deco, Black Americana and of course Lighter collectors around the world. They came in at least 3 versions- a male Bartender striker with one cigarette compartment, a female Bartender Touch Tip with a half round bar- called the Junior Bartender by Lighter collectors, and  the male Bartender Touch Tip featuring 2 cigarette storage areas in the bar that lift the cigarettes as the lids are opened. As you can see from these photos they are big, heavy pieces which are often seriously damaged when they come to market. They almost always have a bent figure, bent bases and lids, missing lifters and bar top components, and plenty of dirt, grime and finish damage. I have also never received one that had a properly working touch tip mechanism. Many of them have some level of corrosion on the figure and the bar top accessories which require refinishing to one degree or another. Each one is different and a quote will be prepared so we both know what can be done and what it will cost before work begins.