About RonsonRepair.com

Ronson Lighter RepairHello and welcome to my website- my name is Bob Adams and I have been collecting and repairing lighters for my own use for the better part of 25 years now. I am a member of both PLPG and OTLS and have been for many years- both are organizations dedicated to the collection of all types of lighters and lighting devices and to the sharing of many years of knowledge accumulated by some of the finest people in the lighter community who also own, swap and sell some of the most collectible lighters on the planet. Although tobacco and it's accoutrements are currently "out of favor" among the general public, - indeed many collectors do not now or may have never smoked, snuffed or Ronson Wall Literchewed, there is a strong worldwide demand for almost everything related to tobacco and its use, not the least of which are the various fire making devices-- lighters- of all kinds, shapes, and designs- from the basic pocket Zippo to the elaborate Art Deco designs that sat on hostess' tables to gentlemen's smoking rooms and clubs to the local tobacco store- for lighting your favorite smoke as soon as you completed your purchase.