Ronson Standard - Repaired & Preserved for family memories

“Hi Bob, the lighter arrived this afternoon…….I love it and it will make the great gift. After the holidays when I get my dividend check I will go back on your website and purchase one for myself, even if I only light candles! I grew up in Chicago and really love and appreciate the art deco stuff, especially an item that can be used today as it was intended.
Thanks again for your kindness and your skill in making something like that works like new. A true passion.
Thanks so much,”

November, 2012

“My father’s broken Ronson Octette Touch Tip lighter had been sitting on the shelf long enough. Various relatives had made attempts to fix it, only making matters worse. On 9-26-12 I contacted Robert Adams of ronsonrepair.com. He responded the same day with the procedure of tune up and that if any additional work was required, he would contact me regarding costs before proceeding. I mailed the lighter to him on 9-27-12.
Well, by 10-06-12 the lighter was returned to me in perfect working order. The cost for repair was very modest. Everything about this transaction went smoothly. I appreciate Robert’s prompt service, honesty and attention to all detail. I may have to start a touch tip collection just so I can again work with Robert, a very talented craftsman. ”

October, 2012

“I first discovered Bob’s web site when I became interested in Ronson Touch Tip Lighters.  He has become a valuable source of information and a friend. I refer to him for advice when considering a piece for purchase and ask for his assessment of the piece and he has always taken the time to answer all my questions. His workmanship is beyond reproach. He has brought back to life at least 23 touch tip lighters that I have sent him. Through emails we have become friends. This was my first encounter with approaching someone on a web site and he has proved to be honest and trust worthy.   He’s very reasonable in his cost for the amount of work that he put into these old beauties. I would like to meet him in person one day and really talk about our mutual hobby. ”

–Ron F
October, 2012

“Mr. Adams has repaired more than 15 intricate and valuable lighters for me over the past few years, and in every instance, his work was professional, complete, expedient and flawless. He is a true craftsman and perhaps the finest Ronson Touch Tip technician anywhere. Equally important, he is trustworthy, candid and honest — and always explains my options with accompanying costs and recommendations before commencing any work. On a scale of 1 to 10, I rate Bob an 11 !!!!!”

–Randy F.
Bethesda, MD

“Bob, muchas gracias por reparar desde tan lejos mis encendedores. Algunos de ellos estaban casi irrecuperables. Eres el numero uno, primero como tecnico y ahora como amigo”.

“Bob, thanks for helping me from so far away repairing my lighters. Most of them were unuseable. You’re the number one, first as technician and now as a friend too!”

— Saludos, Ricardo

Thanks to Robert Adams my extensive collection of Ronson Art Deco Touch-Tip lighters is not only in perfect working condition, but physically striking as well.

His extensive knowledge of lighters of all types is perfectly matched with his skills as a master machinist and metal-worker; one could never hope for a better combination of skills when the restoration of often rare and expensive collectibles are concerned.

Kevin C.
Royal Oak, MI

Hallo Bob, soweit ich mich zurückerinnern kann, hatten wir unseren ersten “ebay-Kontakt” im Jahr 2003.
Da habe ich von dir ein “Ronson-Feuerzeug” erworben. In der Folgezeit konnte ich mit vielen Feuerzeugen aus deinem reichhaltigen Angebot meine eigene Sammlung aufbauen. Ich habe dich in diesen Jahren als profunden Kenner der “Ronson-Feuerzeuge” kennengelernt. Was ich an dir am meisten schätze ist deine Fairniß als Handelspartner. Du bist mir auch bei vielen Geschäften mit anderen U.S. – Verkäufern als Berater, Vermittler und Restaurator hilfreich zur Seite gestanden. Ich hoffe, daß ich auf deine Unterstützung noch lange zählen kann.

Dein “German-lighter” Freund Karl

English translation:
Hello Bob,
As far as I can remember, we had our first “ebay-contact” in 2003. That year I bought a Ronson lighter from you. In the next few years I was able to build my own collection thanks to your variety of offerings. In these years I got to know you as a profound specialist for Ronson lighters. What I like most of you is your fairness as trade partner. You also supported me a lot with other American ebay-sellers as an advisor, mediator and restorer. 
I hope I can continue trusting your support for a very long time.

Your German-lighter friend Karl

In putting together an Art Deco themed display for our shop I began scouring eBay for vintage Ronson Touch Tip lighters. I was very lucky that one of the first that I bought was from Robert Adams. His knowledge, expertise and personal integrity are without equal and the quality of his work and craftsmanship are unsurpassed. He doesn’t simply sell or repair these lighters; he resurrects them! I have subsequently sent dead-on-arrival touch tips that have seemed beyond hope only to have them return working like new. Now, any touch tips that I buy online, regardless of cosmetic condition which only imparts character, I have shipped directly to Robert knowing that what I receive from him will be a fully working, time capsule example of a bygone age and not simply a paperweight. He guarantees satisfaction and that satisfaction is absolute.


“Friendly, helpful and professional: work of the highest caliber, a real artist. Equally at home with the cosmetics as well as the mechanics of restoration – I have seen lighters transformed after 60 years in an damp attic to look and work just like new. A combination of vast experience, terrific attention to detail and an artist’s eye make Bob Adams’ work absolutely unique.”

Charles L– England

I have had the pleasure of knowing Bob Adams now for many years. I first met Bob online when I happened to purchase one of his Ronson lighters that he posted on eBay. I had accidentally seen the lighter listed and not knowing much about it I was compelled to bid on it. I asked Bob through a series of emails to tell me about the lighter and its history and I got my first education on what is called the Ronson Touch Tip. I realized within a short period of time how well informed and accommodating he was as a seller on the all too often corrupt eBay auctions network.Bob sent me the lighter after I was successful in the auction in what appeared to be almost light speed and I could not believe my eyes when I opened the package. The lighter was infinitely more beautiful than the images that were posted on the listing. I then asked Bob if he knew of someone or somewhere that I could have an old Ronson lighter that belonged to my grandfather repaired. What then occurred would be the start of a very long friendship.Bob has been the recipient of every Ronson Touch Tip lighter over an almost 4 year period that I buy on eBay. There were times when I had sellers from whom I won a Ronson ship it right to Bob. There are no words to describe the talent that this man has.It has been, it is and will always be my honor and pleasure to know Bob and to have him in my life. He is a good friend and man of extraordinary talents, and his word will always be good enough for me. Thanks for everything Bob.

Gary S.