Ronson Touch Tip Lighter Repair

Touch tips most commonly require a tune up which consists of the following:

  • Disassemble the piece
  • Clean off the years of crud
  • Remove the filler tube and check the condition of the felt sleeve and remove any foreign objects found residing there–(you’d be amazed!!)
  • Make sure they haven’t been filled with something other than lighter fluid
  • Reassemble the filler tube
  • Inspect the actual mechanism and disassemble as needed to straighten what is bent and sharpen or replace the spark wheel
  • Clean out the flint tube and reassemble and test for proper intensity of spark and overall operation of the mechanics.
  • Then I do a decent clean up cosmetically, reassemble the whole piece, add some lighter fluid and use it a few times to be sure it works as it should. If the wand is in good condition and the wick holder still has all 4 claws on it I also replace the wick material if needed- which is almost always!

Cost for this service is a flat rate for basic models like the Octette and Streamline. The rate is higher for models having cigarette boxes, tambour doors, and any with the Avon mechanism- all depending on the amount of time required – many of these models have a couple of dozen pieces to them and require a lot of time and effort to do the cosmetic work necessary to make them look nice.

I also repair other makes of touch tips- Dunhill– Press-A-Lite– Klix– cost estimates are provided after receipt and inspection of the piece.

From a happy customer…

I first discovered Bob’s web site when I became interested in Ronson Touch Tip Lighters.  He has become a valuable source of information and a friend. I refer to him for advice when considering a piece for purchase and ask for his assessment of the piece and he has always taken the time to answer all my questions. His workmanship is beyond reproach. He has brought back to life at least 23 touch tip lighters that I have sent him. Through emails we have become friends. This was my first encounter with approaching someone on a web site and he has proved to be honest and trust worthy.   He’s very reasonable in his cost for the amount of work that he put into these old beauties. I would like to meet him in person one day and really talk about our mutual hobby. 

Ron F

October, 2012