Ronson Repair Purpose

My purpose in creating this website is to offer to the general public a resource to have their collectible- petrol fueled- “old” lighters put back into working order- do you have you Dad or Granddad’s old Ronson, Evans or other make lighter that has special meaning to you?-If so- I can most likely 2015-12-14 15.00.40rehabilitate it so it will be in working order and do as much or as little cosmetic work as you wish. Need a flint strip for that old striker- or a custom made wand for one that is long gone- I can help. Lacking factory parts for these old pieces- although I have many thousands – I can make many of the bits needed to complete your old treasured piece. It is certainly worth an email to me to find out! Check the repairs section for more info- and let’s keep those fires burning! Hey- and thanks for reading all of this!

William Taft, known for carrying a solid gold Ronson in his vest pocket, proclaimed,
“This Ronson has done a great service to America!”