Ronson Lighter Repair

split_flint_tubePocket models– usually require only simple repairs- new wick, new packing material, replacement of worn or damaged parts, new gasket, filler cap, flint screw, spring and end and the ever popular removal of frozen flints from the flint tube.

Frozen flints are caused by moisture, spring pressure and time- some are easily removed, some very difficult- all require the lighter to be disassembled and worked on from the top so as to not damage the flint tube itself. In extreme cases the expansion will cause the flint tube to split all the way down into the fuel reservoir at which time the lighter becomes a display piece as it will never work properly unless the flint tube is replaced- 
which I do not do.

Table models suffer from all of the above and are a bit more costly to repair due to using a lot of silver plated parts and it takes forever to get the packing out of a Ronson Queen Anne, replace the wick and put it all back in!

From a happy customer…

My father’s broken Ronson Octette Touch Tip lighter had been sitting on the shelf long enough. Various relatives had made attempts to fix it, only making matters worse. On 9-26-12 I contacted Robert Adams of He responded the same day with the procedure of tune up and that if any additional work was required, he would contact me regarding costs before proceeding. I mailed the lighter to him on 9-27-12. 
Well, by 10-06-12 the lighter was returned to me in perfect working order. The cost for repair was very modest. Everything about this transaction went smoothly. I appreciate Robert’s prompt service, honesty and attention to all detail. I may have to start a touch tip collection just so I can again work with Robert, a very talented craftsman.

October, 2012