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Final piece in working order
Ronson Bartender Before
Ronson Bartender
Before picture of an off brand Bartender figurine.
Art Deco Bartender
Final Finish Aladdin's Lamp Dunhill
Aladdin’s Lamp
Dunhill Brasco fully functional
Dunhill Touch Tip
Cupid Striker lighter
Cherub Striker Lighter
After Rehab, mechanism repaired, and wand to matchRonson Cigarette Box As ti arrived, minor wear and tear, needed a cleaning, and rebuilding the lighter
Ronson Cigarette Box
And of course the lighter works
Ronson Cigarette Box
Can touch up enamel (left) or leave as is (right)Ronson Clock Lighters Completely rehabilitated music box with figurinesArt Deco Music Box Soccer Fiure Strike LighterRonson Figural Strikers
Fixed the lighter mechanismArt Deco Ball Lighter Cigarette dispenser with cigarette - I make everything WORK!Genie Cigarette Dispenser PlacardMidland Jump Spark
Ronson Original Banjo Pocket LighterRonson Banjo Pick a Cig with old lidPik-A-Cig Serv-A-Cig final refinishServ-A-Cig
Pencil Lighter after refinish Works!Ronson Pencilighter Gold Polish and Gold Texture Finish Ronson Duet.Ronson Duette First Generation Delight - Covered in Original Ronson Alligator.Ronson De-Lite
re-worked spark mechanismNautical Ship’s Wheel mvc_483sRonson Cigarette Box Polished up back view (base remains cracked)Match King Striker Case
Tamber Door cig case as it arrivedTambour Door Cig Case New wand, and repaired mechanismTouch Tip Cig Dispenser mvc_531sSplit Flint Tube